Adrie van de Nieuwenhof   

Use your imagination, you are not alone – digital photograph


“If you use your imagination, then you not alone and you can imagine friends and animals …you are not alone”

Adrie van de Nieuwenhof (born in 1974 in Nieuwenhof) is a acryl painter, ceramisist, cartoonist and art photograph. When he was 6 years old, he told his mom that, when he was growing up, he wants to become a cartoonist or comedian. In 1989, he went to a photo contest for the first time, where 29 artists from 3000 entries won. He exhibited his photos in the new church in Amsterdam. Since 2014, his painting can be found around the whole globe: Italy, Mexico, Belgium, Argentina, Austria, India, Germany, Morocco and many more! He also works as an art curator for the Netherlands, Italy, India and Morocco and organizes exhibitions.

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