Fabiola De Felip

“Love, actually is all around” – Photographs


“It’s Friday, it’s Valentine’s Day and I am stuck in Hk …

The virus was being « locked down » in Hubei as China was trying to stop the spread. 

it was impossible for us to fly back to Shanghai after a stopover in « the fragrant harbour city ». 

While the world was careless and unprepared for what was about to become a pandemic, Hong-Kong was already fighting.

Very disciplined as always. 

Some people a bit afraid, some more relaxed but everyone, 

everyone was wearing a mask.

Life was going on…

and on the day that celebrates lovers,  I saw so many happy and loving faces, sweet gestures even if half face was hidden… 


LOVE is actually making the world go round, 

LOVE is all we need

LOVE, actually, is all around. 

Fabiola is french-italian and has been behind the lens capturing the street, moments and faces in some of the world’s most striking cities such as Luxembourg, Paris, London, Bruxelles, Turin, Hong-Kong where she has lived… and Shanghai, where she is now based. 

After beginning her career in marketing in a major FMCG multinational, Fabiola has started a career in what she has always been passionate about : photography.

The street is her playground, lights and shadows are constantly playing with her eye, people just fascinate her and have become her favorite subject.

For more information about the artist, check out: byfab.contact@gmail.com