Romain Esteban   

“Speechless” – Photograph


We got drunk on this stultifying silence did you think, your laughter flying in the speechless room and unknown whispers, your hand my shadow of butterflies imagined at night, writing miles of texts perhaps that will never be read, that  ‘actually matters we fly in impatience of these four walls, like these butterflies in the room in our past present future.

This photo was taken after three weeks of quarantine in my house in France.  It is part of my series (To our past present future [Quarantine])

My name is Romain Esteban, I am 42 , French with Spanish origins.  I started the photo in 2012, and since armed with my Camera I take life in black and white, faces of the streets, stars, kids or backstages of the French TV and the French radio.  I am also an author and I made myself known also for my texts and my stories under my photos.

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