Diego Racconi   

“You are not alone” – Acrylic on paper


Diego Racconi was born in Milan in 1968 and remained attracted from an early age to the arts and painting. He attends art courses, cultural groups and atelier of masters to learn the different painting techniques. Over time she develops a personal stylistic research, actively participating in numerous group shows and competitions. Its recognizable abstract geometric style is inspired by the Fibonacci numerical sequence, a particular mathematical sequence associated with the golden number Phi, a relationship that we often find in nature. A number discovered in antiquity full of meanings and which represents the union between art, nature, mathematics, geometry and history.

The personal path expands in the organization of a traveling exhibition proposed to institutional realities, focusing attention on respect and protection of the environment and nature. Together and associations, bodies, museums and foundations, the artistic project “MAREARTE” has also been structured in parallel, a traveling collective exhibition, to involve both artists and young people with creative flair and fervent imagination, to raise awareness of the preservation of the marine world through small artistic works in postcard format.

For more information about the artist, check out: www.diegoracconi.com