Horst Tress

“(F)luxus” – Installations and Drawings


Horst Tress was born in 1950. After he had finishd his training in typography at print shop Breker in Cologne he studied commercial art for two years and worked as media designer. Since 1970 he is been active in artistic scenes.

He participated in 400 international exhibitions in galleries, artistic associations and museums. Above all the “1. New York City Postcard Show” in 1975, the “Art Information Festival” of Peter van Beveren in 1975 in Middelburg (The Netherlands), where he met Hervé Fischer, Johann van Geluwe and Cavellini. He was invited to participate in “The Venetian Tools Projekt” in the Suisse pavillon at the Venetian Biannual in 1976. Also he participated in the legendary postcard exhibition at Staatliche Ostberliner Galerie Arkade in 1978. He had over 24 solo exhibitions in Germany, Belgium, Argentina, Sweden, Italy and Poland in the 1970s and 80s. Amongst articles in catalogues he also published some books. Tress organised exhibitions. He had shown Joseph Beuys in a pub on Zülpicher Straße in Cologne. He achieved a stampede of visitiors with his exhibtion “Zwischen Leben & Tod” (between life & death) in 1998 at Kölnisches Stadtmuseum.

In the 1970s and 80s he produced ideas for Harlekin Geschenke (presents) and WWF-Club (shown on German TV channel WDR). His pin saying “Kunst ist ansteckend!” (art is catchy) was sold in over 25.000 copies. His Mail Art documents are now at the archive of the Museum für Kommunikation in Frankfurt am Main.

For more information about the artist, check out: https://fluxpost.jimdofree.com