Francine Fox 

“Equine Express: Penticton, Berlin, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin” – ink over printed original drawing

Nebraska, USA

“My paintings and drawings use depictions of animals and other natural elements as metaphors to explore human issues. I find the symbolic potency of animal imagery fascinating; frequently other creatures indicate human traits or behaviors more explicitly than actual humans. Historically, we have romanticized, amplified and oversimplified the characteristics of other creatures in order to use them as devices in heraldry and storytelling. My works compare and contrast these time-honored interpretations with new discoveries about the natural world and modern human concerns. ”

Francine Fox is a nationally and internationally exhibiting studio artist whose work is represented by Kenise Barnes Fine Art in Larchmont, New York. Fox received her undergraduate degree from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and her masters degree from the University of Delaware. Originally from Pennsylvania, she has lived and taught in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Colorado, Wyoming, Missouri and now Nebraska, where she is the Assistant Professor of Art in Painting at Wayne State College.

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