Marie Gibert  



“I think that art is like a light in the middle of the night, a lifebelt when everything shivers around us, a way to escape, to dream, when we are alone, isolated, faced with our thoughts and our demons. During this weird and scary period, photography and writing have been an incredible way to keep contact with people I missed and to meet and exchange with others I didn't know before. Art is like someone who is always there for you, a real cornerstone, in the good times and most of all in the hardest.”

I am a 21 years old photographer living near Paris. Fascinated by pictures and words since my childhood, these activities are very related for me and has taken a huge place in my life these last years after a tragic event. It's a passion, a way to express myself and to communicate, a kind of therapy also. It permits me to tame life, to freeze time and to create precious memories from simple instants, because I know that everything can disappear at any moment. Photography and writing reassure me in fact. And, day by day, I work to make it my everyday job.

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