Tiko Kerr  

“The Politics of Proximity” – relief paper collage and transfer drawing


“With the COVID-19 emergency, never before have we been so aware that our lives and fate lie in the hands of everyone around us. It has forced us to make sacrifices as a group, for the common good.And within those sacrifices exist real pain, real loss and real loneliness. 

However, the pandemic also offers artists so much that can drive new work. Our creative voices provide agency to expand our moral imagination, sympathy and solidarity across the globe. 

The regular coming together of neighbours from around the world to express their gratitude for workers who are defending the front-line against the virus is a powerful reminder of our shared humanity, and it’s something that I personally enjoy every evening at 7PM.

Canadian visual artist and social activist Tiko Kerr (b. 1953) lives and works in Vancouver, BC.

He received his BSc in Biology from the University of Calgary. Kerr’s artistic practice of 35 years includes painting, collage, drawing, printmaking, murals, performance, set design and art direction. Kerr currently is exploring the emotive force offered by the tension created between abstract forms and figuration. Collage has become central to his investigations. Solo exhibitions include “Reframed” at The Gordon Smith Gallery for Canadian Art, North Vancouver (2019); “Affinities” at Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver (2018); “Legends of Utopia” (2018), “Mythic Proportions” (2017)), “Body Language” (2016) all at South Main Gallery, Vancouver.

For more information about the artist, check out: www.tikokerr.com