Lizzy Magariños

“Conexion – Des: Connection _ Des” – acrylic and pastel on canvas 

Montevideo, Uruguay

“My works represents the need to invoke that this space that separates us, humans, people, persons, distanced by fear, the physical, social and emotional isolation that by imposition we obey, be converted into a space of union, a container of energy with the loving intention of generating bonds between human beings.

I use many symbols, arrows going up, open doors to go through, symbols of happiness, energetic colours floating. 

A space where us, humans, can grow and thrive in the understanding of each other.

Lizzy Magariños works on different flat surfaces, like fiber, linen, paper or cardboard. She uses acrylic paint, Chinese ink, chalk pastel and textures like lightweight fabric, thread and papers. She also uses the language of symbols and words, ideograms and colors.

her art is fine tuned to this sentence by the Russian master. It reflects the time in which she live and transforms it through her own feelings. There are Buddhist symbols, ideograms from different origins that represent happiness, water, life, arrows, stairways that lead us always up.

She studied with masters Febo Aycardo, Daniel Cardozo, Clever Lara, Rogelio Osorio and Rodrigo Flo.

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