Kevin House  

“Isolation Boy” – Videos and Photographs


“Dearest outside world 

It seems I’ve made some progress with the Isolatronium. 

Some days are dreary as I get weighed down with small but crucial technical details.

As time passes it increasingly becomes more apparent what the isolatronium is capable of. 

It may turn out to be the ideal mechanism for venturing into outside environments.

We will see.

I will elaborate further as I get closer to completion.

will write soon 

Yours indelibly Isolation Boy”

Vancouver based banner artist, Kevin House, is currently featured on the cover of Hep American dog culture magazine “Bark” based out of Berkeley, California. House is honoured to be sharing a feature story with New York senior artist/photographer William Wegman. The magazine cover features a circus banner portrait of a Husky/shepherd super dog commissioned by the editor. The 4 x 5? piece currently hangs in the “Bark” Berkeley, California office.

Kevin returned to Vancouver from New York to set up his main street area studio in 2002. Aside from painting, Kevin also spends some of his free time as a writer for Don’t know how to maintain a portable ac unit? Kevin recommends this tutorial. 

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