Lynn Malin  

“Fire” – oil and graphite on Lexan 11 x 14 inches


“In this time of self isolation, we feel the need for connection to others even more. As artists much of our work is always done alone in the studio but we come and go interact always daily with friends, family as well as other artists. Now everyone is in the phase of being disconnected.

My work is about looking at the world from above. From helicopter rides, airplane trips, hiking and now with a new drone. The images I have amassed and work from are looking at the forces between Natural events past and present and Human development and use of land, water and air. These actions change and are continually interrupting each other and affect everyone. As we all feel the effect of the COVID-19 we are reminded of our fragility and our exposure to disease, natural disasters, climate change, pollution, water shortages and human actions on ourselves and on our planet. 

We are all in this together.

The image I chose for this exhibition is the element of fire and its destructive force all over the world. From Australia to southern California to the north of Alberta and the forests of British Columbia to the man- made fires destroying the Brazilian Jungle; fires affect everyone through out the world. When we pull together to find answers like a vaccine for the virus and ways to use alternate energy to stop climate change one realizes that we must all pull together to keep safe and creative. 

This interaction between Artists from all over the world is extremely exciting.

Lynn Malin is an artist living and working in Edmonton Alberta. She has exhibited in Public and commercial Galleries for 35 years. Her works vary from Watercolour to oil on paper and canvas. Her latest work is done in mixed media on Lexan film and adhered to acrylic sheets to be mounted on the wall. Inspired by aerial views and photographs she takes from airplanes helicopters hiking and lately drones.

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