Robert Dmytruk 

“COVID 19” – mixed media collage triptych 


“The Propellant of Change

I think of the pandemic as an explosive charge that has devastated the life we all once knew. A new normal is upon us and the future does not look as though it will return to what we knew before. We, as a community, have been under duress and have had to distance ourselves, isolate ourselves, from our families, friends and routines that we previously took for granted. Our children and our children’s future will be forever shaped by our ability to contain an invisible and deadly virus.

We all share in this unfamiliar reality. The propellant of change is reflected in the drawings.  

Robert Dmytruk has been developing his approach to contemporary painting for over 40 years and has been influenced by the flourishing arts scene in Alberta, a place where he was educated, worked as an arts educator and raised a family. He studied fine arts and education at the University of Alberta. 

Dmytruk’s most recent work invites words like instinctive, fantastical, playful/whimsical and at times naively objective. A combination of oil, acrylic and spray paint are used in order to achieve desired results in his paintings. Dmytruk’s investigations with collage and drawing infuse charcoal into this combination of paints. Throughout the paintings and the collages various patterns, textures and audacious colours are integrated to complement kaleidoscopic and harmonious compositions.

Robert has helped to guide and contribute to the art scene in Western Canada through his numerous teaching experiences, art workshops, contributions to the development of the Alberta fine art curriculum, and his participation in the exhibition process. He now lives and maintains a studio. His work is represented at The Edge Gallery ,Calgary AB, the Bugera Matheson Gallery in Edmonton AB and Headbones Gallery – The Drawers, in Vernon BC.   

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