Michel Salloum

Homesick. Isolation. Loneliness. – Animation


“We’re always connected.. we can reach anyone anywhere at anytime, yet we are now more isolated than ever..

Isolation is described as the lack of contact with people.. But, True Isolation is the inability to be understood.. is when you have a complete set of different thoughts, reactions and ideologies.. and never being able to let others understand where you’re coming from and why you do what you do.

If you’re truly understood by anyone, you can’t truly be isolated.. and you can’t be alone.

Michel Salloum was born in 1990, Damascus, Syria. He completed a graduate degree in Visual Communications from the Faculty of Fin Arts in Damascus University in 2014 later got accepted in the visual communications master’s degree program in 2015. Since 2013 i was assigned to various creative projects ranging form visual identities to animated motion graphic shorts.

For further information about the artist, check out: www.michelsalloum.art.