Olga Campbell and Beryl Woodrow  

“Photoshop Tennis” – Digital Work


“The pandemic was here. We were asked to stay at home as much as possible. We decided to play photoshop tennis on the computer. Each person starts with a photograph and sends it to the other. The next step is to add something to the image in photoshop and then send it back, like a conversation. This continues until both people feel that the work is finished. It was fun; it was intuitive; it was addictive. It was especially interesting to see what the other person added and then find a response to that. Not only was the process most interesting and stimulating, and the result surprising, it helped us to maintian a connection through art at such an isolating time. 

In this particular series we started with a photograph Beryl shot of an art installation in Japan. As we “talked back and forth”, a narrative began to develop culminating in this totally unexpected image we called “The Scorpion Sisters Wreak Havoc in their New Found Home”. ”

For more information about the artist, check out: www.olgacampbell.com and bawoodrow@shaw.ca