Cara Jaye

“Hello …?” – cyanotype, graphite, pen and tape on paper

Washington, USA.

“Make a collage that is a response to this current time in our lives. Your work might address your experience during the quarantine, with isolation, social distancing, and the possible anxiety and fears surrounding these experiences. You could reflect on the Coronavirus and all of the bombardment of information and misinformation you may have experienced. You might focus on how time has seemed to slow down or speed up, depending on your feelings at any given moment. You might focus on the news and shifting media perspective, or you could track the scientific developments as the pandemic has continued to unfold. Your pieces could be deeply personal or more data based. I think this is such a dramatic moment in all of our lives; it is a good opportunity to make a work that reflects on this unique point in time. ”

Born in Solana Beach California, Cara Jaye is Professor of Art at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, USA. 

Cara Jaye is a multi-faceted artist combining conventional drawing, traditional and alternative photographic processes, and various printmaking techniques together with painting and collage. She considers drawing her first and primary medium – she loves drawing for its immediacy and intimacy of marks placed directly on the page.

Jaye is interested in examining ideas of process, classification, reproduction and perfection. Treading the line between the apparent and the ambiguous, visible and invisible, sweet and repulsive, Jaye enjoys working with re-occurring dichotomies. Jaye lives with her daughter and two dogs in Bellingham, WA.

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