Daniela di bari  

“Soledades” – woodcut – mixed technique


“It is a small format woodcut, intervened with other materials. I try to convey different realities in each work I do, each work has a story, a person behind it.

I believe that sometimes an image says it all and can reflect and return realities, it can provide moving tools or simply convey ideas, positions, complaints.”

Daniela Di Bari, graphic artist and teacher, born in Capilla del Monte Córdoba, currently resides in the Federal Capital.

She studied at the Manuel Belgrano School of Fine Arts in 2005. Although she develops her graphic work independently, she takes classes with the graphic artist Liliana Esteban.

Her graphic work denounces the abuse of society and especially of women. Art as a tool to transform, not forget to fight … This defines me as an artist and makes me rethink what role I want to play in society and what role I want my works to play. Wanting to convey the injustices and abuses that occur every day, as I also say what I believe, think and feel: “Our only way out and based on life itself is the organization of society and collective struggle.”

For more information about the artist, check out: www.danieladibari.wordpress.com/