Marco Sartorio  

“Focusing on an unexplored universe” – Photograph


“ Pandemic: a disaster, but also a great opportunity. An opportunity to stop, to calm down, to get out of that normal routine that after all wasn't so normal. While the economy turns downward, the nature apparently returns to smile. In this moment we have to face a new life, a life reduced to the essential and we are forced to open our eyes, to focus on the unknown by exploring a new world. And it is precisely in the essential, in the simple things that we discover a world that is invisible to the naked eye and perhaps, precisely because invisible in normal life, remains so fascinating. A small world, yes, but one that offers great emotions if only we can look beyond “normality”. ”

Born in Naples, Italy on December 24, 1990. Studied at the Anglo-Italian school in Naples until 2003. Then moved to classical high school until 2009. Graduated in physiotherapy in 2014. Works today  in Naples as a physiotherapist. For several years competitive swimmer at national level. He cultivates interests as photography, travelling, water sports and music.

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