Giovanni and Renata StraDA DA

“Imagine Peace” – watercolour and marker on photocopy 


The Italian duo Giovanni and Renata Strada are from Ravenna in Italy is a mail art veteran – he’s involved in the movement for 40 years and very active by the date. Together with his wife Renata they formed an artistic duo StraDADA involved in mail art networking, performance art in public places and writing of art essays and critics that have been published in many art publications. The list of places where Giovanni and Renata were exhibited their art is endless.

Giovanni Strada was born in 1939 in Ravenna, where he still lives today. There he studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti. Giovanni Strada has been active in the mail art scene for over forty years and has a strong connection to DADA as well as to popular music. He likes to use Sheet music and characters for his mailings. Together with his wife Renata he does performance art. Nomen est omen – for “Strada” means road – they bring their art to the street and to the whole world via mail.

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