Jennie Johnston   

“Hither and Thither” – embroidery on fabric


“When 2020 began my main goal was to complete my latest body of work. As March began and COVID 19 changed reality for so many of us, this goal stayed at the forefront of my mind but my art practice never established a solid rhythm. “Hither and Thither” is a reference to that feeling, as well as to the body of work I( am creating. This Brimstone Butterfly emerged into a chaotic and repetitive world, trying to find its way and adept to unprecedented conditions. 

On the journey to find my artistic voice I began combining traditional craft techniques like embroidery and quilting with painting and fabric design. This intimacy with materials is an integral part of my practice and stems from a focus on removing false dichotomies between art and craft. I am inspired by a deep connection to nature, the important work of social justice and the ongoing exploration of my identity on this planet.

Jennie grew up in rural Quebec and has a Fine Arts Degree from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. Her work explores the human condition as it relates to nature, social justice and ancestry.

Over the course of the 2017-2018 school year Jennie was Artist-In-Residence at Forest Grove Elementary school in Burnaby. During the residency over 300 students worked to create 5 unique quilts and learn traditional and artistic textile skills. Her work is featured alongside other Western Canada artists in the beautiful Imago Mundi Oh West Canada! book and has been shown in group shows in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Australia, Italy and the United States. Jennie participated in the first Burnaby Heights Art Crawl and the RAW Artist Showcase in Vancouver.

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