Karla Hennig 

“Crash and Burn” – mixed media


“I want you to think about your own life. Think about one moment that stands out for you. It might be something funny or tragic that happened when you first moved to this town, or a magical day you had with a friend just last week. Whatever it is, just take a second to think of it. THAT is the seed of your story. A story that is unique to you and interesting and valuable, because when we share our stories, we build understanding and community. And we make art.

We don’t have to turn our events into a story or a painting or theatre. But we do have to share. We owe it to ourselves, our daughters, to the women who come after us. We need to take the beauty and misery of our lives and make them important, make them live after we are gone, even if it is a half remembered story that the daughter of a friend passes on. We need to view our stories and our lives as our art.

For more information about the artist, check out: kjhennig@gmail.com