Dominique Zoladz  

“Traces of Time” – Photograph


“I have been always fascinated by the footprints of time on human beings and the traces of human footsteps on the time.  During this period, I cannot but be focus on these metaphorical and timeless details around me which invite the soul, by its equivocal perception, to variable interpretation and endless meditation”

Dominique Zoladz is a Photographer and visual artist (born in Paris in 1955).Thirsty for Independence, he left the solar system when he was 16 years old to embed the real life.  After a short drawing training at the school of arts and crafts in Paris during the 70s, he started to practice photography and visual art as a self-taught through trips and meetings. He lives and works in Nice since 1980. He practices his art independently. Many exhibitions in France, Italy, Germany.

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