Bahzad Sulaiman 

“Saarbrücken 14/03/2020” – Video


“Documentary performance revolving around showing body mass in home during the quarantine period. Where the video documents the state of the body for 30 days. This documentation is tantamount to reviewing and reflecting on pre-determined impressions of issues and problems facing us in the quarantine period. To be a journey of recovery and awareness of our bodies and our limited knowledge about the concept of the body and the psychological distance between it and the objects in the home.”

Bahzad Sulaiman, born 1991, is artist and performer from Syria. He has been living in Germany since 2016 and has a Bachelor’s degree in Sculpture from the University of the Arts and a Bachelor’s degree in Stage Design from the Theatre Academy in Damascus. In July 2019, he received his Master’s degree in Fine Arts from the HBKsaar – Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar, where he has now a lectureship in Performing Arts. Installation and performance are the focal points on which he has worked in recent years. His work deals with the concept of body, space and partly improvisational forms of movement. With sound and without sound components, however, it is possible to use the body as an instrument in space, to create a dialogue between the body and the spectator, and to create a relationship between several elements. This includes the relationship between perception and the body as sculpture mass in this spatial context. His latest work was the performance “Mikro-Kaosmos” at sparte4 of Saarländisches Stadttheater in Saarbrücken (2020)..

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