Gary Sim

The Adventures of Noman – CONNECTIONS – Pen & Ink Image


“I drew this pen & ink image in 2019, prior to the current pandemic. It is from a series of drawings titled The Adventures of Noman, in which a generic person finds themselves in various imaginary situations. In this drawing, I was thinking that, although essentially every person is “alone” in their own body, everyone is surrounded by a network of family, friends, and acquaintances. Without this network very few would be able to stand alone. The pandemic and resulting “social distancing” has quickly eroded many facets of our networks, including the ability to travel, to continue working, and to socialize with people in person.”

Gary Sim was born in Vancouver, 1951, where he also lives now. He has been employed as a log cabin builder, central office telephone switching equipment installer, and was a Driller-Scaler, Blaster, and Rock Gang Foreman with BC RAIL from 1978 to 1987. In 2013 he wrote and published Railway Rock Gang, a 196-page book about some of the projects and adventures between Horseshoe Bay and Tumbler Ridge. From 1988 to 2019 he was professionally employed as an architectural technologist. For the past 20 years he has compiling information on the visual artists of British Columbia, and in December 2019 uploaded the award-winning BC ARTISTS project (19,300 artists, 3,100 web pages & 700 images) to his website for free public access.

Gary Sims artwork consists mainly of drawings on paper or vellum, and relief prints on paper. They include pencil drawings, pen & ink drawings, mixed media drawings (pencil, colour pencil, pen & ink, india ink brushpen, watercolour), limited edition relief prints (linocuts, some hand tinted), copper plate etchings and photography. The relief prints are editioned on an antique J. Smart copying press, and impressions are made on a variety of archival papers.

His extensive travels around the province have provided many opportunities to observe and record the wildlife and countryside for inspiration. He has created a number of drawing series on real or imaginary themes such as The Adventures of Noman; Growth Studies; the Scimitar Glacier series; and Surface Tension, a group of large pencil drawings of BC scenes from my travels. Favorite subjects include mountain and shoreline scenes, birds, and animals.

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