Sarah Groves

“Apart But Not Alone” – Installation


“Apart But Not Alone is a mobile of 14 forged copper and brass birds. Each bird is a  unique synthesis of size, shape and colour, yet together the birds form a cohesive flock. They move freely but the structure of the mobile keeps them from touching or getting too close. They are apart but not alone – just like humans social-distancing during a pandemic. While people remain physically apart in all corners of the world, windows, telephones, letters, and digital devices enable communication and ensure that, just like birds in a flock, we are not alone. ”

Sarah Groves is a Vancouver-based metalsmith/jeweller and teacher working with copper, silver, gold and natural gemstones to make jewellery and small sculptural pieces. Her designs are influenced by her experience as a printmaker and ecologist and often incorporate organic textures and references to nature. Her work consists of several production lines, commissions and one-of-a-kind pieces that respond to materials, techniques and design challenges that intrigue her.

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