Bruno Pierozzi

“The White Bridge” – pastel on paper


Bruno Pierozzi is an Italian artist who lives and works in Rome. After graduating from State Art Institute of Rome in 1974, he continues his paintings in classical techniques of oil and egg tempera, as well as etchings and drawings. His art is often inspired by his city of Rome, its rich history and mundane everyday life that mingle together in the most beautiful way. Bruno is also interested in social issues and humanity.

Born in Rome on 7 May 1954, he is a Master of Art in pictorial decoration, graduated from the State Institute of Art in Rome in 1974. He lives and works in Rome. Over the years he has developed careful research on all the main artistic techniques, most recently on etching. He studied the egg tempera technique, on which he wrote a small technical treatise: “The true tempera painting”.

His painting and graphics are marked by the figurative tradition of the twentieth century combined with the simplicity “of the image of Zen and the East. Among the favorite themes the relationship with the city of Rome and attention to “fragments of everyday life”, recovering and enhancing images considered banal, captured with one's own photographic medium, or even using photographs taken from newspapers and magazines, images generally condemned to a daily transience, but which through artistic rewriting can be transformed into images that continue to live and create emotions over time. Much attention is also given to social issues and the artistic commitment of solidarity towards the weakest. Over the years he has exhibited in numerous group and thematic exhibitions, he has made two solo shows. His works are permanently present at the “Le Arti” Gallery in Rome.

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