Chris Hyslop, a.k.a.Northern Congress

“I believe that we have a faculty that can sniff out authenticity. A kind of legitimacy antenna. We somehow can sense a fake when we see/hear/feel it. This led me to see that a lot of what I had been doing in my life was not authentic. Like many, I was just checking in, faking it. So I tried to bring a renewed sense of genuineness to my songs, and this one in particular.
I am growing old, and so are you. That is just the way it is. Contrary to our insistence on the value of youth, getting older is a great wonder. Wisdom fills in where recall fades. Thoughtfulness takes over when energy dips. At the same time you care more – and less – about the little things. If you have a spouse/partner/mate or good friend, you know that relationships also deepen with age. This song is my way of marking where am in my life and appreciating its beauty, “The dusk has come as it always does, but the night is not at all what we thought it was.”

Chris Hyslop is the Executive Director of the Montana World Affairs Council, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering global awareness and understanding. He is a teacher, humanitarian and artist.

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