Bruno Manfredi 

“Love Together” – Collage


“My artistic name is Fotonelvento, Photosinthewind, Photosdanslevent, it means: Art and Creativity Against All Violence’s. 

I was born in 1951. My base was (and is) Torino, western country, close to France.

I was a student for 24 years, teacher for 33 years and a soldier for 1 year 

When I was retired, I was in France and I built a new artistic life, like Photosinthewind. 

I got 55 projects, 220 performances (exhibits and so on), in 35 countries.

Always offering my photos for free, like a gift. In exchange people offered a lot of friendships, invitations, photos, artwork and so on. A system of synergies and of resiliences, too happy to cooperate with you. If you like. “

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