Chris and Stevie Sandman

“I’ve long had a desire to be connected to all the beautiful nations and people of Earth through my music. I’ve yet to have an opportunity to travel off my continent of North America, so I am thrilled to be invited to share this spontaneously-written-and-recorded-while-in-quarantine coronavirus song, “Victor the Virus,” with you now via the “You Are Not Alone” project. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Chris “Sandman” Sand grew up in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in western Montana (USA). He tours throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, performing a unique blend of original folk, punk, rap, and cowboy music. In 2008 he was the focus of a feature-length award-winning documentary, ROLL OUT, COWBOY. He wants to be part of a wave of change that makes life better for everyone—more fun, more fair, more holy. He uses humor, music, and poetry to tell stories, build connections, and get people thinking. 

Victor the Virus Song
Father/Daughter Collaboration on 20th March 2020