Selina Martin

“When the city fell” – Song

Canada / France

“We are all in limbo, which isn’t necessarily a pleasant place to be, but an artist’s life is one of uncertainty.  Certainty doesn’t lead to growth.”

Raised on a small farm in Canada, now living in France, extraordinarily acclaimed genre-defying songwriter and vocalist Selina Martin is a siren from an undiscovered sea. She pushes the boundaries of pop, rock, singer/songwriter, punk and experimental music into adventurous and exhilarating new territory, creating something that is wholly original.


Filled with raw energy and emotion, Martin’s music strikes a perfect balance between sparseness and fullness, acoustics and electronics, and between control and abandon. 

“Ultimately I’m a songwriter,” Martin says. “Though I love to experiment with form and structure, and also with sounds. Traditional forms of music no longer convey what it feels like to live in the world.”

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