Michelangelo Mayo  

“Bugs on the Ceiling” – collaged drawing and ink with acrylic.

California, USA

Filipino-born, American artist, Michelangelo Mayo assembles fragmented images and fractured illustrations to envision difficult emotions and to represent complex mental states that are emerging. New technologies, ever changing modern ideas, and constant evolution of social norms have eroded and molded new attitudes and emotions. These has brought about a need for new visual representations. 

Based in San Jose, California, Michelangelo Mayo employs experimental graphic techniques and image transfers coupled with drawing and painting. Moreover, he is also professional Microbiologist and Clinical Scientist. He likes to combine concepts found in the organic sciences with his visual and mixed media works. 

Michelangelo has been an active participant in Dada and Fluxus movements in conjunction with artistamps and mail-art organizations. He has exhibited in many international and US group exhibits. Some of his works have been published in print and online journals. 

For more information about the artist, check out: www.behance.net/michelangelomayo