Danii Kessjan

“Coronade” – Digital Collages


“Coronade [Haiku]

The bus continues its way

It drives empty in a deserted city, 

Illusion of habit

Dance in the garden

Butterflies, lemon yellow and blue,

In the streets, only the rumor of silence

Danii Kessjan is a French native living in Germany. Having always had a penchant for the arts, she is a collage artist by passion, yet a translator by profession. By opening to new horizons, she developed an individual artistic style utilizing the medium of digital collage and specific layering, cutting, and assembling techniques.

Her work construes the human landscape – especially the female figure in terms of their shapes yet aiming to abstraction and to de-structuration. The abstracted compositions she creates depict aesthetical and colorful narrative scenes, inviting delight, intrigue, even a bit of controversy.

The several manners she uses in her collage art must not be considered as an evolution or as steps towards an unknown ideal of collaging but is rather to be understood as a need to experiencing new approaches. If the subjects she wants to express suggest different ways of expression, she never hesitates to adopt them. Collaging is her way of being pro-active visually, to say she feels aligned with the mystery of this world.

In her series of digital collages entitled “Coronade” designed for the exhibition “You Are Not Alone: An International Mail Art Exhibition”, Danii Kessjan attempts a first approach to Mail Art using collage techniques as well as photographs she took during the early days of a nationwide COVID-19 pandemic lockdown in mid-March 2020 in her hometown Trier, Germany.

For more information about the artist, check out: https://daniikessjancollage.com