Peter Halley  

“Superdream Mutation” – Digital Work


“ In 1993, Peter Halley created the digital print Superdream Mutation to benefit Wolfgang Staehle’s pioneering art bulletin board “The Thing,” a proto-Web online forum. Superdream Mutation was offered for sale for $25. 

With Superdream Mutation, Halley wanted to make an edition created and distributed solely by digital means—that would only be realized materially when it was downloaded and printed by the purchaser.

Superdream Mutation is a digital version of Halley’s painting Superdream (1993), made utilizing the various textural effects available in early Adobe software. It was designed as a grayscale image so that it could be printed on a black-and-white printer—color printers were not yet available.

As a gift for people isolating at home, Halley is making Superdream Mutation available again—this time for free. You just download the GIF file and print it at home. The choice and size of paper and the placement of the image on the page is entirely up to you.”

Peter Halley (born September 24, 1953) is an American artist and a central figure in the Neo-Conceptualist movement of the 1980s. Known for his Day-Glo geometric paintings, Halley is also a writer, the former publisher of index Magazine, and a teacher; he served as Director of Graduate Studies in Painting and Printmaking at the Yale University School of Art from 2002 to 2011. Halley lives and works in New York City.

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