Slavik Fokin 

“Incognito” – Performance -Video


“The world we live in is unstable and uncertain. It changes so fast that a person is unable to acknowledge these changes and adapt to them. This leads to the creation of multiple personal universes that exist simultaneously: they are snapshots of various states of the world, embodiments of different realities. With every human being living in their personal universe, people are incapable to connect with each other. Humans can communicate with one another, but they can hardly understand each other. This causes a deep sense of loneliness and isolation, even while being among others.

Through my artworks, I reflect on loneliness and disconnection of human beings in the unstable world and research ways people can connect with each other.

Currently, my practice includes performance art, media art and installations.

Slavik Fokin was born 1984 in Odessa, Ukraine. Currently, he has a nomadic lifestyle living in Ukraine, Italy, France and the United States for several months a year. 

Slavik is a multi-disciplinary artist and a performer. His practice includes performance art, media art and installations. He has participated in several group exhibitions and festivals. Highlights of his experience include taking part in Marina Abramovic’s show and working as a performer at the Venice Biennale. 

Following the Marina Abramovic Method, in his performances, Slavik attempts to explore the state of being present in both time and space and to snapshot the moment of nowness in all its complexity and diversity.

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